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AEPL is committed to serve its clients by understanding their requirements and endeavoring to meet those requirements professionally, reliably, timely, safely, economically & consistently.

AEPL  aims to achieve this by developing a competent team, Quality Management System, proper planning, optimal use of resources and by continually improving the system and making them effective.

To achieve the above, Quality objectives are established and periodically reviewed by AEPL’s management.


We accept our responsibility to protect the environment, health and safety of our employees. Health, Safety & Environment are the core values of AEPL and is managed as an integral part of our business. All the employees are responsible for AEPL’s continues achievement and measurable growth & improvement.

For the implementation of our policy we will be:

  • Increasing our business and performance through excellence in HSE Practices
  • Conducting business in a manner which protects public, environment, occupational health and safety of employees
  • Striving to eliminate all accidents and incidents
  • Making HSE consideration a priority in our business
  • Reducing emissions, wastes and managing energy and natural resources efficiently and intelligently
  • Complying with all of the host country HSE laws and regulations