AEPL | Albario Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.



Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing industry in Pakistan & AEPL is working to provide its services in the Hydro, Solar & Wind sector on various projects across the country.

SOLAR: Prism Energy is a Joint Venture of Albario Engineering and Infraco Asia, created to provide turnkey renewable energy solutions including Energy Purchase Agreements, EPC and specially tailored Payment Solutions. With Solar, Wind & Hydro Expertise in the renewable energy sector, the group provides multiple turnkey solutions to cater to customer needs by understanding your requirements and proposing tailor-made solutions. Our solutions are Green, Reliable and Sustainable.

WIND: AEPL is working actively in the Wind Industry with its WTG Installation, O&M and Balance of Plant (BOP), Operations & Maintenance team to provide key services as per the demand of the industry.

HYDRO: AEPL is working for the last four decades in the Hydro sector and has executed multiple Civil Constructions, Electro-Mechanical Installations and Rehabilitation Projects providing services at large hydropower projects including Tarbela, Mangla, Warsak, Malakand-III etc. Currently, AEPL is executing a rehabilitation project at Mangla Hydel Power Station for the rehabilitation of six units.